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Pastelist(s) friends,

In March 2018, the "Pastel d’Opale" Association organized the third international pastel biennial in Saint-Léonard, municipality of Boulogne agglomeration.

The show will take place in the «Forum des Loisirs» of Saint-léonard from 3rd to 18th March 2018.

Isabelle V. LIM is the guest of honor.

The selection for this show will be on file: CV and photographs of the suggested works. The photographs must be of good quality in order not to put at a disadvantage the artist.
The exhibition space is pretty vast, but in order to represent your paintings the best way, we decided to limit the number of paintings to 200/250.

During the fifteen days of the event, demonstrations and trainings will be organized. Pictorial or musical entertainment will be offered to the public every day.

Members of the "Pastel d’Opale" Association workshop, will exhibit the work of the year in the premises of Saint Léonard’s city hall, nearby the exhibition place.

Take your pastels ...!


Françoise Guillaume

President of the «Pastel d'Opale» Association.