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Isabelle LIM

  • Color and light are the focus of this workshop. Participants paint from multiple photos of Koi.
  • Fish and modified atmospheric landscapes.
  • Isabelle will discuss how to form a composition of fish groupings, creating from multiple photo references.
      + The optical mixing of layered colors and how to working these layers up from complementary underpainting.
      + To see and identify colors.
      + Then, the class will experiment the colors, explore the effects of light on color, perspective, movements of the subject around the painting composition and perception.
      + The explanation on the use of different shades of colors for the lights.
      + How to use alcohol fixing between layers.
  • During this Biennale, Isabelle will propose two three-days workshops with imaginary atmospheric landscapes and koi carp groups as subjects.
  • They will take place from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th March and from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th March. The cost of this training is € 180 per three-day course.

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Suzanne website :
Suzanne Godbout

      Suzanne offers a pastel workshop on the theme LANDSCAPE: a stronger design for stronger works.

  • Come work the landscape with me, in the typical American technique of sodden underlay used as a basis for work. This process will help you build stronger works based on the design of the contrasting masses that form the abstract basis of a painting, rather than starting with the design of the various elements that make it up.
  • We will work on white sandpaper from my own photo references. All notions of theory useful for the landscape will be revised: values, proportions, atmospheric perspective, contrasts, colors, temperature, etc. No need to have a lot of landscape experience but drawing is an asset. Demonstrations will accompany you in every step.
    This course will take place on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th March. The cost of teaching is 120 €.

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Catherine Website :
Catherine Hutter

  • During this course, we will make a trip into the heart of the water, my favorite subject! The "water matter", its vibration that brings emotion.
  • Each day will bring a new facet. Discovery for some, deepening for others, we will approach in turn different qualities of water and depending on the desires, some points can be perfected.
  • During the course, the following points will help to better understand the rendering of water.
      Use of appropriate color ranges for rendering, contrasts chosen to restore the impression of brightness, different graphic treatises.
      The choice of the subject will be approached from the point of view of the lighting, the light, essential points to have a "living" water. Without beautiful light, no shimmering colors or shine!
      The analysis of the subject to identify the main elements in the composition. Some quick exercises of synthesis of image will make it possible to visualize the important structural features on which to rely so as not to be drowned in its subject!
      The understanding of the reflections rythmic. Complex wavy vibrations that combine several systems, the rhythms must be well analyzed and understood to be reproduced.

    Catherine will lead a painting course about landscape understanding and interpretation from Thursday, March 15th to Saturday, March 17th.
    The cost of teaching is 60 € per day.
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