The third edition of the Biennial "Pastel d'opale"

took place in Saint-Léonard, from 3 to 18 march 2018.


82 artists exhibited around our guest of honor, Isabelle V. LIM, talented pastel artist from HONG KONG.
- 13 countries were represented, China, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, England, Poland, Greece, Russia, Finland, Mauritius, Canada and Mexico ; 231 pastels exposed.
- In parallel with the Biennial, the Pastel d'Opale association organised the annual exhibition of his workshop in the city-hall of Saint-Léonard. The 24 exhibitors presented 86 pastels.
- Isabelle V. LIM has presented 18 paintings including eighteen pastels including seven of his new series "Discovery", never before exhibited.
- During the 16 days of exhibition we have recorded nearly 2500 visitors.
- We offered workshops led by Isabelle LIM, Suzanne Godbout and Catherine Hutter; Suzanne Godbout also gave us a conference on pastel.
- 15 demonstrations were made in front of the public.
- We also organized a visit to the Quentin museum of the Tour de Saint-Quentin and the Louvre-Lens for Isabelle and Alex LIM.
- Thanks to the generosity of our partner Sennelier and materials provided by various sponsors, we have been able to award 10 prices valued at 3,000 €. This year we have also rewarded the Pastel d’Opale workshop with 4 prices. The Jury were Isabelle LIM and Stephanie Portal, journalist of the "Pratique des Arts" magazine.