The International Biennial "Pastel d’Opale" exhibition

is held in Saint-Léonard, near Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Next edition from march 26th to april 10th 2022.

Registration will begin on the site from mid-July 2021.


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Created in 2007, the “Pastel d’Opale” association aims to promote the pastel technique, on the Opal Coast. It brings together, in 2020, fifty members who meet twice a month at the Saint Léonard workshop to share their passion. Workshop website


The association offers exhibitions in the region and especially a major one in the City-hall of Saint-Léonard. On this occasion the artists present to the public the work of the year. Demonstrations to the public punctuate these exhibitions..


But Pastel d’Opale it's above all, since 2014, the organisation of the International Biennial Pastel d’Opale, a large pastel exhibition where meet nearly 80 pastel artists of all countries and all sensibilities ... an unique show in "Hauts-de-France".