Aurelio RODRIGUEZ López

Aurelio RODRIGUEZ López 

  • Born in Génave, Spain (1958). Lives and works in Estepona, Andalucía, Aurelio tells the small stories that we all connect with, such as lovers parting at a train station, the smell of his mother’s home cooking, or two children gazing at a fresh loaf of bread (which won first prize at the First International Spanish Biennial of Pastel in 2011).
  • Trained in drawing, oil, pastel and several techniques of etching, Aurelio’s medium of choice is pastel painting on several surfaces that he previously prepares with a special primer. He frequently travels internationally to exhibit, teach his skills or to create commissioned works on site. Since 2014, Aurelio collaborates regularly with China Pastel Network and Suzhou based Ming Gallery of Art in the tuition and dissemination of the pastel technique in China and has led a dozen workshops across the country.
  • He has exhibited his artwork in Shanghai, Suzhou and Yangzhou and has received a Chinese delegation of Masters and students in his studio and art academy in Andalucía, Spain in 2019. Aurelio’s area of excellence is the PORTRAIT.
  • In a distinguished career spanning four decades, he has created over 6,000 portraits, one of which (“Lascelle”) was a finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait Awards 2012 and also featured in the book “500 Portraits” published by London’s National Portrait Gallery.
  • He has also received 3 Honorable Mentions in the international ModPortrait Awards of which he now is a Jury member.

His WebSite : Aurelio RODRIGUEZ López

His pastels :

  • In the last 3 years, Aurelio has been working exclusively for the IBEX-Collection who has supported an amazing project focalized on highly-realistic contemporary art called the “Masterpiece Project”
  • IBEX Collectors reviewed thousands of artists and met personally with over 400 of them across the world. After that extensive selection process, only 24 artists were offered long term stipends to make their personal masterpieces for the collection. “Water, origin of life” and “The Caress of Water” are two of Aurelio’s various masterpieces
  • “The Caress of Water” has won Best Pastel and Collection Magazine Award in the International ARC Salon, New York in 2020. Aurelio has garnered many accolades, varying from prestigious prizes to exhibitions in Madrid, New York, Miami, London, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Suzhou, Munich, Taipei, Japan’s Hoki Museum and dozens of other art hubs around the globe
  • His work is held in private and public collections across more than fifty countries, among these are the IBEX-Collection, the Art Renewal Center (ARC) Collection, the Pastel Museum of Suzhou in China, the Hang MingShi Museum of Suzhou in China, the Pastel Museum of Saint-Aulaye in France and the Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona, Spain.
    • 2020 Best Pastel Award. ARC Salon. USA. Collection Magazine Award. ARC Salon. USA.
    • 2019 The Masterpiece Project by IBEX Collection. Master Circle and Gold Medal. International Association of Pastel Societies. USA.
    • 2018 Purchase Award. ARC Salon. USA. Best trompe l’oeil. ARC Salon. USA.
    • 2017 First Prize “Prix de Pastel” Award. IAPS 31st Juried Exhibition. USA
    • 2016 Chairman´s Choice Award. ARC Salon. USA First Prize I Pastel Biennial “Pastel en Perigord”. Saint-Aulaye. France.
    • 2015 Shanghai International Pastel Exhibition, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum. China. 2012 Finalist BP Portrait Award. National Portrait Gallery. London
    • 2011 First Prize I International Biennial of Pastel Painting. Spain.